Fee Guide

Fees for dental treatment at cairn Brae Dental practice

NHS Fees

Please refer to the NHS website for full details on bands of charges and the fees.

NHS patients attending out of "NHS contracted hours" will be asked to pay Private Fees.

Please ask our reception about our “After hour preferred appointment slots”

Private Fee Guide

Consultation Fees
New patient Examination £50.00
Routine dental examination £50.00
Emergency consultation per (15minute session) (includes 1 intraoral) x-ray £50.00
NB: (We only use low dose digital x-rays at Cairn Brae Dental practice)
Small (each) from £5.00
Panoramic (external x-ray of mouth) (includes report) from £50.00
CT Scans
CT Scans from £150 per arch
(We are aiming towards a Mercury free/Amalgam free practice)
White tooth colour (Composite fillings) (dependent on the size of the cavity) from £80.00
IV Sedation
IV Sedation from £100/1 hour session
Simple extractions from £45-£80
Surgical extractions from £90-£120
Socket preservation from £250
Root Canal Treatments
Singe root tooth from £180
Multi rooted tooth from £240
*We use only single-use root canal files at our practice
* We use only Nickel Titanium Rotary files in the Private Sector for optimal success
Dental Implants and Implant related treatments
(Please note that we use one of the best Implant systems in the world. We do not use cheap implant systems)
Single Tooth Implant from £650 per implant
Multiple Implants from £550 per implant
Implant abutments from £550 per abutment
Full arch reconstruction and restoration SUBJECT TO ASSESSMENT
Tooth Whitening
Take home upper and lower trays from £99 per arch
In surgery Tooth whitening from £299 (both arches)
Combination of In-surgery and Take home from £399 (both arches)
Crowns and Veneers
Porcelain bonded to non precious metal from £450.00
Porcelain bonded to precious Metal from £495.00
All Ceramic Cosmetic Crown from £550.00
Veneers from £450.00
Premier Porcelain bonded bridge from £450.00 per unit
All ceramic bridge from £550.00 per unit
Maryland bridge (to replace one tooth) from £450.00
High impact acrylic (Upper or Lower) from £550.00
High impact acrylic (Upper and Lower) from £1050.00
Valplast flexible partial from £950.00
Chrome dentures from £1100
Dental Hygiene
Hygienist (30minute session) £43.00
Air Polish/Prophy £70.00
Anti wrinkling treatment
from £99/site (Minimum 2 sites)
1 site from £199
2 or more sites from £250

All our crowns, bridges and dentures are made using our dental laboratories' premier service ensuring the highest level of materials and technical expertise is used in their construction.

Please click here for the pdf version of our fee guide which can be downloaded and printed.

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