Dental Fillings


Most people will have a filling or two at some point in their life. These are used for relatively minor repairs or where a small amount of decay is found. Most people have previously opted for amalgam fillings, but nowadays, most patients opt for White tooth colour fillings

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are generally used by NHS dentists whilst most Private dentists use White Tooth colour composite fillings. Amalgam fillings are made from a mixture of several types of metals, often including Mercury, copper, tin and silver. The use of mercury has been the subject of controversy and debate over the years.

Unfortunately, amalgam fillings can discolour tooth tissue to a dark grey colour. It is therefore more problematic when used on the more visible teeth near the front of the mouth. They have also been implicated in stress fractures of teeth, making decay undetectable on x-rays, and although they have served us well over the years, most dentists are gradually phasing out the use of Amalgam filling materials.

White Tooth Coloured Fillings

White tooth colour fillings are becoming more popular as more patients begin to realize the added advantages of tooth colour fillings. This is a type of filling is made from a mixture of glass and ceramic along with a resin to hold it all together. These fillings have the benefit of looking more natural and therefore blending in well with the natural tooth.

A special technique is adopted when placing white tooth colour fillings. The cavity is conservatively prepared, without extensive tooth tissue destruction. A chemical bond/adhesive is then created between the tooth and the composite filling is then placed. The filling material is then hardened immediately into its position with a curing light. This means that the filling can be adjusted immediately, and there is no risk of the filling distorting while it hardens. It is this immediate setting property and the adhesion of the filling to the tooth tissue that makes it possible to effectively restore teeth with very large cavities instead of using other alternatives.

White tooth coloured fillings are a popular choice of those who wish to maintain the white appearance of their teeth.

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