NHS Dentistry

NHS dentist in Witham Essex

Please refer to the NHS website for further advice.

Providing NHS Dentistry


The NHS fees are based on 3 bands of care


There are especially designated time slots for NHS patients on a sit and wait facility, and on a first come first served basis.

These sessions are regarded as Occasional Sessions, and a band 1 fee may be payable for these sessions subject to the rules stipulated under the NHS for occasional session for Assessment and Advice.

Although we try our very best to see as many patients as possible, we may be limited by our appointment system. We may alternately refer you to the NHS helpline to assign a dentist to you.

In an event that there are no NHS emergency sessions available with us, we will either offer you a preferred Private Emergency sessions or refer you to the NHS helpline.

Private emergency sessions

Preferred private sessions are opted for by most patients who wish to come in for emergency or occasional advice, out of the NHS emergency sit and wait sessions. The receptionist will give you an appointment for a specific time so that you do not have to sit and wait long periods of time to be seen.

These are designed for patients who want to avoid waiting until the dentist is available, and for patients who want to avoid being late for work for example.