Preventative Treatment

Preventative dental treatment in Essex

The most effective way to keep a mouth healthy and the teeth in good shape is through preventative care. Most dental problems can be avoided by taking care to avoid decay and gum disease, both of which may lead to loss of teeth.

Whilst this approach is perhaps best suited to children and younger people, it is a valuable approach for all ages too. Even older people who may have dentures can benefit through early detection of mouth cancers and denture stomatitis.
By ensuring that dental appointments are kept at regular intervals, preventative care can ensure that you have a healthy mouth for many years to come.

Fluoride Treatment

Whilst UK water contains fluoride and it is recommended that fluoride toothpastes are used when cleaning the teeth, your dentist may also recommend that your teeth are 'varnished' with fluoride. This is especially applicable for younger patients. By doing this every six months or so, the enamel of the teeth will become stronger and therefore more resistant to decay.

Fissure Sealants

It is quite common for the rear teeth especially to have grooves and pits on them. These are often referred to as 'fissures' and can be problematic as cleaning the teeth with a toothbrush may not reach into these and therefore the risk of decay is increased.
By applying a fissure sealant to these teeth, the pits and grooves are sealed and this prevents bacteria and sugars from entering into them and causing decay. It should be noted that fissure sealant cannot be used on teeth that have already been filled.
The procedure itself is simple and pain free; after cleaning and drying the tooth, the sealant is then applied and left to harden. To be fully effective, it may be necessary to repeat this every six months and this can be done at your regular check up.

Hygienist Treatments

It may be recommended that you are seen by our hygienist who will advise you of the best way to care for your teeth and can offer advice on cleaning and flossing too, something which a surprisingly high number of people find difficult to do but which is important to prevent decay.

They may also perform a ‘scale and polish’ which is the removal of hardened plaque from your gums. This is essential to prevent gum disease from becoming a serious issue, possibly resulting in the loss of teeth.

You may also be given a dental care plan that is personalised to your very own individual needs.

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