Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening in surgery

As we get older, our teeth start to gradually appear darker. However well we look after them, this is simply a part of the ageing process that none of us can avoid. Of course, we can worsen the situation by smoking or drinking red wine or coffee or tea (for example), but the reality is that most of us will have darker teeth as we get older anyway. The good news is that there are tooth whitening procedures which are both effective and straightforward and available at our dental practice.

In Surgery Technique

Having a professional tooth whitening procedure is the safest and best way to go, as it produces the best results, especially for those individuals who just cannot seem to find the time at home. Your dentist will book a long appointment to carry out the procedure to ensure that adequate time is allowed for the procedure to be carried out. During the appointment, your dentist will use a blockout liquid to protect the gums and certain parts of the sensitive teeth. The gel will then be placed onto the surfaces of the tooth you would like to be whitened, and a special activation light is used to chemically enhanced the outcome of the action of the Whitening Gel. This process takes approximately one hour, during which time, it will remove the stain molecules inside the patient’s teeth, thereby making the teeth appear much lighter, and consequently whiter. This is an entirely safe procedure although it is not uncommon to experience a little sensitivity after the procedure is carried out.

Whilst most people are delighted with the instant results, those with very badly stained or very dense teeth may benefit from repeat whitening procedures or take home tooth whitening kits to improve the colour of their teeth over a period of time. It should also be noted that this procedure will only work on natural teeth and will have no effect on crowns or fillings.

Take Home Tray Technique

We can also supply take home tooth whitening kits which include custom made trays to fit your mouth. The whitening gel is placed into them and are then placed over the teeth for a period of time. Most patients wear the trays whilst watching television or whilst they are asleep. They then get up in the morning with teeth that gradually get whiter every day. Whilst some patients do prefer this, the results may not be as effective as a tooth whitening procedure carried out by a professional and there may also be some risks associated with the incorrect usage of the trays and or the gel.

It still remains the general consensus that tooth whitening should be carried out by a dental professional as both an in surgery and take home procedure, and not as two separate techniques in order to obtain the safest and best possible outcome.

Whilst both of these treatments will work, for those whose teeth have become too badly stained or cracked to benefit from these treatments, dental veneers or cosmetic crowns may be a better option, and if this is the case, your dentist will advise you accordingly.

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